I am Gaspard Bos, director of New State of Matter. I have been educated as an Industrial Design Engineer but am an artist at heart. I believe that empathy is the core attribute of a designer and I feel that we have a responsibility to use our design powers for good. Once I learned about things like ‘peak oil’, ‘the great pacific garbage patch’ and ‘planned obsolescence’ I could/would no longer play that game and decided I would choose another path of design. In this day and age design and designers need to tap into that empathy to redefine what matters, turn business as usual around and make this a world worth living in.

These are the people I work with or have worked with on transformative projects.

Charlot Boonekamp – WOOF&WOW

Scott Knowles – Endless Objects

Aris Papodopoulos, Panos Sakkas – Core Relief / Design for Peace

Fako Berkers – Future Fashion

Laura Klauss, Jonas Martens, Casper van der Meer, Bart Bleijerveld (Better Future Factory)- Perpetual Plastic Project

Here is a video in which I talk about my frustration with business as usual and speculate on how intelligent artifacts could mediate our relationship with the physical world.